Industrial Lumber

Our multiple on-site sawmills produce much of the lumber that is used in our pallet and wooden packaging manufacturing. On a given week our mills can produce well over 700,000 board feet of lumber to support our operations. Our sawmills can produce nearly any size lumber pertinent to the pallet industry as well as a variety of wood species. The sawmills being on site gives us the advantage of going straight from the mill to the pallet.

This gives us the ability to change our cut schedule the same day to meet last minute pallet orders and to ensure on-time delivery, thus never waiting for lumber to build a pallet.

Making wood chips

stacked lumber

Utilizing our sawmill facilities and on site HT kilns we have the ability to cut custom HT lumber to nearly any specification up to 8’ in length.

Aerial View of Savanna Pallets Lumber Yard in McGregor, MN

Lumber Yard at Savanna Pallets in Duluth, MN

We also sell standard size pallet components, please inquire about availability and pricing.

wood pallets

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