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Custom Packaging

Along with our pallet manufacturing, we produce several different speciality packaging components that include but are not limited to, crates, wooden boxes, mats, and dunnage. Our speciality packaging items are built by highly skilled workers on semi-automated or fully automated machinery to ensure we are providing the highest quality product whether it is a single Heat Treated wooden box or a truckload of variously sized crates.

Discuss Your Custom Solution

Our ability to quickly create custom wooden crates, boxes or anything else you require to whatever specifications you need, means short notice orders or odd sized crates are no problem, our crates and other custom shipping supplies can be manufactured using materials and standards certified for international shipping as well. We can make stackable, segmented, reusable, and single-use wooden crates and boxes, or meet any other design specifications you require.

Our integrated production facility, massive onsite lumberyard, and secondary overflow facility ensure we are equipped to efficiently meet the largest of orders custom wood crate or box orders, ensuring you get your products or materials in transit and to their destination faster and safer, cutting down on shipping time and improving your customer's satisfaction. When your order is complete and prepared for transit we can then deliver your custom wood crates or boxes to you in under 24 hours if your facility is in Minnesota and in under 3 hours to the Minneapolis Metro Area with our own shipping fleet.

If you need any assistance in finding a custom solution for your shipping needs or would like a quote on a custom wood shipping solution please Contact Us Today.

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