The Savanna Advantage

Along with being the largest new Minnesota wood pallet manufacturer in the region, we are also the largest producer of wooden pallet components. Of all the pallets, skids, and crates we manufacture we produce over 90% of the components on site in our own sawmills. This allows us to be in control of our raw materials and allows us to change immediately to our customer’s needs. This, along with superior service, quality, and over 40 years' experience sets us apart from the competition.

What this means for you is better quality at better prices, with the lowest lead times available in the industry. Get your wood pallets, crates, or custom wood shipping supplies faster than anywhere else. Our localized and integrated production process allows you to get your goods off the floor and on the move, safely and without delay, and our shipping fleet can get loaded pallets to the Minneapolis metro area in under three hours and anywhere else in Minnesota in under 24 hours. With our ability to quickly create custom wood shipping solutions, you can request design solutions that better secure your products in transit and speed up the unloading process. Take advantage of the Savanna Advantage today, and improve your shipping operations and logistics lead.

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